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Our Story

In the mid 1980's a small group of parents waged a battle with the state of North Carolina. These parents fought for the right to home school their children, without intrusive government oversight. In 1984, despite legal obstacles, families across the state banded together and created NCHE (North Carolinians for Home Education). The purpose was to lobby state legislators to write state homeschool laws. In 1986, CCHSA was formed to unite home school families throughout Cabarrus County. CCHSA has continued to serve the families of Cabarrus County since that time. In 1988, the homeschool friendly laws we enjoy, were written into legislation.
To learn more about the history of homeschool in NC, follow this link:


Our Vision

Reflecting traditional Christian values has stood at the center of the CCHSA mission since our founding in 1986. We seek to bring honor to GOD in all that we do as we provide support in the homeschool community. We challenge ourselves to not only serve the members of CCHSA, but ALL home school families of Cabarrus County.

This mission drives the continued success of CCHSA.

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